German Income Tax Return Information

While working in Germany, each individual is liable to pay taxes on his/her income. The rate of the tax payable by an individual depends on his/her income and residence status. Its rate can reach up to 20% of your income. The great news for you is that there is a possibility of getting a partial or total refund of the taxes you have paid. We can help you get your German tax refund from the last two years.

FAQ German Tax Return Information

Question: How do I get my German Tax Refund using International Tax Refunds Ltd?
Answer: Just follow these simple instructions:

  • Register with us Click Here
  • After we receive your German tax return registration, we will send you the list of the necessary documents which you should send us in order to complete your German tax return application.

Question: Should I file my taxes?
Answer: If you worked in Germany and received a taxable income, you are obliged to file a tax return. Usually, foreigners are entitled to a refund of the most taxes paid in Germany.
Question: When is the deadline for filing a German Tax Return?
Answer: The tax year in Germany starts on 1st of January and ends on 31st of December. The tax returns can be claimed right after the end of the fiscal year however we are able to help you get your German Tax Refund from the last two years.
Question: What is a Lohnsteuerkarte / Lohnsteuerbescheinigungs?
Answer: Lohnsteuerkarte / Lohnsteuerbescheinigungs is a form issued by your employer. It shows all of your earnings and the deducted taxes. The Lohnsteuerkarte / Lohnsteuerbescheinigungs is necessary in order to claim your taxes from Germany.
Question: When will I get my tax refund?
Answer: The processing time of the German Income Tax Return application varies. Usually it takes 6 months (after we receive all the necessary documents). International Tax Refunds will do its best to organize your refund in the shortest time possible.

If you worked in Germany in 2007, you can apply with us now, and then send us all the necessary documents as soon as you get them. We will be ready to file your refund soon after the end of the tax year which is December 31st.
If you worked in Germany anytime during 2005-2006, you can apply with us now. Send us all the necessary documents and we will be able to apply for your tax. As experts in international tax refunds, we will make sure you receive your money in the shortest possible time. The sooner you register and submit all the necessary documents, the sooner you receive your tax refund.

In order to apply for your German Tax Refund now, please click here.